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Following are sample photos of some of the types and colors of decorative rock you can find at Rock ‘N Rollin’ Landscape Materials. While the shades within any color can vary according to weather and photographic conditions, we offer these photos for your use as a general guideline as to the general characteristics of some of the most popular colors.

Please call or email us with any questions; our experts will be happy to help you. Or come down to our yard—there are even more color choices available!

Back by Popular Demand: Desert Sunset has returned as an available color in our decorative rock lineup!


  • The information on this page is offered as a guideline only; please be sure to consult with our staff to be sure the shade and style you want is in stock.
  • Due to the nature of mined substances, colors and consistencies of granites may vary. Color change will occur with aging, therefore matching of existing granite may not be possible. Rest assured that our staff exerts every effort to assist you in finding the closest match possible.
  • Additionally, ALL naturally mined material has fines and minuses; some colors have more, some have less. We do not mine the material; therefore we CANNOT control the amount of fines in the material.
  • 0.5 Arizona Beige

    0.5 Arizona Beige

  • 0.5 Desert Spice

    0.5 Desert Spice

  • 0.5 Jesse Red

    0.5 Jesse Red

  • 0.5 Mt. Vista Brown

    0.5 Mt. Vista Brown

  • 0.5 Natural River Rock

    0.5 Natural River Rock

  • 0.5 Palomino Gold

    0.5 Palomino Gold

  • 0.5 Saddleback Brown

    0.5 Saddleback Brown

  • 0.5 Washed Madison Gold

    0.5 Washed Madison Gold

  • 0.5 Yavapai Coral

    0.5 Yavapai Coral

  • 0.25 Minus Jesse Red

    0.25 Minus Jesse Red

  • 0.25 Minus Madison Gold

    0.25 Minus Madison Gold

  • 1.0 Desert Sunset

    1.0 Desert Sunset

  • 0.75 Madison Gold

    0.75 Madison Gold

  • 1.0 Santa Fe Beige

    1.0 Santa Fe Beige

  • 0.75 Sized Madison Gold

    0.75 Sized Madison Gold

  • 0.5 Desert Sunset

    0.5 Desert Sunset

  • 0.375 Pea Gravel

    0.375 Pea Gravel

  • 0.875 Apache Brown

    0.875 Apache Brown

  • 0.875 White Marble Chips

    0.875 White Marble Chips



  • 1.0 SEDONA RED

    1.0 SEDONA RED





  • Forest Mulch

    Forest Mulch

  • Garden Soil

    Garden Soil

  • MAG AB

    MAG AB

  • Mulch Mix

    Mulch Mix

  • Mulch


  • Washed Mortar Sand

    Washed Mortar Sand

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