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At Rock ‘N Rollin Rock Sales, we never take our customers for granite. With years of experience in the industry, we’ve learned a couple tips and tricks for helping our customers learn as much as they can about our products and service.


Can I get a discount on my order?

Absolutely! We are more than happy to offer discounts on orders of 50 tons or more.

What Are the Delivery Charges?

Our deliveries are valley-wide. For more information on the pricing please call us at 623-878-ROCK (7625)!

What are “Fines and Minuses”?

“Fines” is used to describe the crushed rock, while “minuses” is the sandy dirt-like parts of the material.

What do the terms sized, screened, and minus mean?

These terms refer to the size of the decorative rock. They can be defined by the largest piece that would fit through a screen of a predetermined size. The terms also mean the approximate amount of fines present in a product. For instance, the term “sized” can signify up to 1–20% fines in the product, whereas “screened” can mean 20% to 60% fines in the product. “Minus,” will have 60% to 80% fines.

What is Rip Rap?

Rip Rap is larger than gravel but smaller than boulders and angular edges. The rocks can vary in size from the size of a softball to approximately 10″ to 12″ in diameter. The average is usually about 3″ to 8″ in size. One ton of Rip Rap will usually cover an area of 35 to 40 linear feet, spread 3′ wide.

How can I match my existing granite color?

Due to the nature of mined granite, its color and consistency may vary. Color will naturally change with aging so matching your existing granite may not be possible. Please bring a sample with you to our yard and we’ll find the closest match for you.

How do I calculate the square-footage of my yard

Simply measure the length and width of the yard, then multiply the two measurements.

What is pea gravel?

Pea gravel is a “natural” and uncrushed river stone.

Can you recommend a professional landscaper?

Through our many years of experience, Rock ‘N Rollin’ Rock Sales has developed a close network of fine landscapers throughout the rivervalley. We would be happy to recommend the following businesses:

Advant-Edge Decorative Curbing & Landscaping, Inc.
“Winner of the 2011 Maricopa County Home Shows Landscape Competition.”
Contact: Dave Bell
Phone: 623-398-6319

Advance Landscape Design
Phone: 623-535-4736

Zavala Yard Service
Phone: 623-385-9675

Francisco J. Nunez
Phone: 602-399-0494

What is the difference between a surface boulder and a regular boulder?

A surface boulder is picked up off the surface of the earth, whereas a custom boulder is extracted from the earth.

Tips and Tricks

Tip #1

For the square footage of your yard, measure the length and width and then multiply the two numbers.

Tip #2

We recommend spreading your gravel from 2” to 3” deep for the best and professional appearance for your yard. Anything more than 3” can cause an undesirable and bulky look.

Tip #3

Most homeowner associations have banned the use of black plastic underneath gravel or rock.

Tip #4

Rip Rap is a trendy substitute for river rock or gravel. It also serves as erosion control for any sloping areas in your yard.

Trick #1

Determine the amount of rock needed after measuring the footage of your yard. If you want 1” of decorative rock, divide your square footage by 100. For any additional help, our staff would love to help you decide how much rock is necessary for your next project.

Trick #2

Levelling the ground before laying gravel down will help you avoid an uneven look. Spraying your gravel with water from a hose can also help smooth its appearance.

Trick #3

Try spraying any undesirable growing vegetation with weed killer and then applying an anti-growth product like Surflan, a pre-emergent, before the placing and spreading of your decorative rock. We recommend spraying the anti-growth, pre-emergent solutions once or twice a year to avoid any annoying growths.

Rebate Incentives

We understand the challenge of water conservation for all arid environments. Several cities in Arizona have taken initiative to encourage water reduction for inside and outside of the home. Contributing to Xeriscaping helps cities and towns sustain their water supply. We ask you to please visit the websites listed below to read about the efforts of your local government.


Avondale Xeriscape Landscaping Rebate Program – Up to $400

Landscape Conversion for Water Users $200 per 1,000 sq. ft.

Chandler Arizona

Landscape Conversion – up to $3,000
Smart Irrigation Controller (limit 1) – $250
New Home Xeriscape – $200

Landscape Conversion – up to $3,000
Smart Irrigation Controller (limit 5) – up to $250

Glendale Arizona

Landscape Conversion – up to $750
New Home Installation – $200

Landscape Conversion – up to $3,000

Mesa Arizona

Landscape Conversion $500

Peoria Arizona

New Home Xeriscape – $150

High-Efficiency Toilet (up to 3 per household) – $100
Xeriscape Conversion – up to $1,650
Smart Irrigation Controller/Timer – up to $250

Tempe Arizona

Landscape Conversion – .25 per sq. ft.
Low-Flow Toilet – $75
Grew Water Irrigation System – $200

WaterSense Toilet (each) (cap of $5,000 per property)- $75
Landscape Conversion – up to $3,000

Scottsdale Arizona

Turf Removal – up to $1,500
Hot Water Recirculation System – up to $200
Water-Efficient Toilet – up to $75
Water-Efficient Showerhead – up to $5
Irrigation Controller – up to $250
Water Softener Upgrade/Removal (Sewer Customers only) – up to $100
*Scottsdale also offers free aerators limited to the number of aerators on the property

Turf Removal – up to $3,000
Water-Efficiant Toilet – up to $75
Water-Efficient Showerhead – up to $5
Irrigation Controller – up to $250
*Scottsdale also offers free aerators limited to the number of aerators on the property